Wedding Albums

We both feel that wedding photography is best viewed printed. Digital files are nice so you can go back and relive your wedding day in it's entirety, but nothing beats an album for pure story welling and tangible nostalgia. That's why Kyle spent so much time looking for the perfect wedding album manufacturer who could produce a quality album with all the options we wanted to offer our couples. We tried a few and finally settled on our current album provider. Our beautiful wedding albums have a hard cover with 50 thick cardboard pages and a matte finish to each page to eliminate glare. We can make the cover of your album leather, linen, silk or add a custom image from your wedding. We can make wedding albums in many sizes, but our default is 10 inches by 10 inches. Every wedding album comes with a storage box.

Albums are all fully customizable with several options. While our default options are the ones we suggest to most clients, you may have another vision. If that's the case, no problem, we can discuss your wedding albums and design one you'll be proud of for years to come!

Our albums currently sell for $800 each. Other options may incur additional charges.

Album Proofing

We have a double proofing process when we design a wedding album. This means you will have two chances to make suggestions and changes to our designs. During these proofing sessions, you can go crazy and make any suggestions you want on our design. Typically, couples simply suggest moving photos around, adding or removing some images. If, after the second proof, you'd still like to make a change, we have a $50 proofing fee. You can spend as much time as you need with the images between proofs. The first proof will take about 4-6 weeks to receive and once the final proof is approved, we will send it out for production, which generally takes about 3 weeks to arrive in the mail.

Parent Albums

Your parents deserve something special to remember your wedding day too, so consider a parent album. Like our standard wedding albums, we offer nearly unlimited options when designing parent albums, but we hand-picked some defaults to help make your decision a little easier! Our standard parent albums are 8 inches by 8 inches with a hard cover (custom image or fabric) and up to 50 hard pages. We can upgrade the parent albums sizes and offer other options as well. If a wedding album is also ordered, the design is typically the same for parent albums as standard wedding albums, otherwise the same proofing process applies to parent albums. Each parent album includes an additional proofing session, so if you want to tweak the primary album and change out some images, you can.

Parent albums start at $650 each or two identical albums for $1200.

Album Packages

If you know ahead of time that you would like multiple albums, we suggest considering some album packages. We are currently offering the following album packages:

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One 10"x10" wedding album and two 8"x8" parent albums - $1800