Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are traditionally done in a studio where you're wearing a fake tux or dress, and they're not incredibly personal. I graduated from Port Charlotte High School in 2005 and when I look back at my senior portrait which was done in the auditorium, I don't feel any connection to it. It's fun to look at and think how much I've changed over the years, but beyond that, it's uninspiring.

But your senior photos don't have to be boring!

We love taking our seniors out to their favorite hangouts and just shooting for a bit. We don't like imposing time limits on our sessions, so we'll just head out and shoot, you can bring a few outfit changes if you'd like along with a friend, parent, dog or anything else that defines who you are!

When we're done, we will present the best photos to you and you can download and share what you want!


Our senior portrait prices are $200 for a session. Each session includes online proofing and digital downloads. In addition, we include a $50 print credit so you can build your own print package!

What to expect

We have a very "hands-off" approach to posing when it comes to senior sessions. We're not going to sit you on a still and move your chin to the exact right position, even though you feel weird like that. We're going to take you out and let you do what you do best, be you! We're going to make images that are natural and only pose when we need to. We want you to look like you.

Not everyone is a model, so if you're feeling a little overwhelmed and don't know what to do in front of the camera, we will step in and help out. Just remember, we don't need you to always stand still and pose, we can shoot action, so if you feel inclined to move, then move! Occasionally, we have seniors who prefer to be posed and that's just fine, even then we will try to make more natural images.

Ready to book?

If you want more information or you're ready to schedule your senior session, just head over to our contact page and let us know!