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There are a lot of fancy buzzwords going around the wedding photography world today like "photojournalism" and "vintage" and vague terms like "lifestyle". Well, we use them too! However, we're going to explain to you what these buzzwords mean to us, because every word we have picked to describe our style comes from a meaningful place, and it's not just some marketing flair. After all, marketing means nothing if we're not even marketing to the correct people, right? Well, here we do!

We often describe our photographic style as a photojournalistic approach with magazine editorial techniques covering your lifestyle in a vintage classic style, from the hip.

So what's it all mean? Well, we will tell you!

Photojournalism - This one gets thrown around a lot. Don’t let it fill you, it’s pretty hard to shoot a wedding in anything but a photojournalistic style. Photojournalism is, at it’s core, just documenting history as it is happening. For Kyle, this comes as second nature, since he spent seven years as a photojournalist. You definitely want a photojournalist at your wedding, but you also want more than that because you may not want 100% of your photos to be candid.

Magazine editorial - Kyle is heavily inspired by magazine editorial photography and the story-telling elements present in this form of posed yet still natural style of shooting. We love to place our subjects in just the right location with the perfect light and shoot. The key here is that it’s all controlled by us, the opposite of photojournalism. By implementing both, we can find a method that works for you as a couple.

Lifestyle - Everyone’s lifestyle affects who they are, and we’re in love with capturing that. We will shoot you and your personality, no matter what. At the same time, our personalities and experiences will show through. It’s the perfect collaboration of personas; ours meets yours. You come ready to be you and we will come ready to be us. For this reason, it’s so important to find a photographer who you are comfortable with, one who you feel you could be friends with. And, in the end, just do what you do and let us do what we do.

Classic or vintage - A huge part of our lives is antique shopping and we’re in love with vintage stuff. Our own wedding was steampunk themed (wild west meets high technology from the Victorian era). We like to think this shows through in our photography as well. Kyle tends to draw a lot of inspiration from cinema and recreates stills in this style. Sadie injects her own personality and style in the way of finding unique posing and image ideas. You can see from our wedding photos, we don’t just love the classic vintage style, we tend to live it.

From the hip - Shooting from the hip reforest to the photography technique of vaguely pointing your camera at a subject and shooting, without looking through the viewfinder. It produces beautifully abstract images of a moment, with little human bias. We do shoot like this from time-to-time, but we also live like this - spontaneously - anything goes. During your wedding or portrait session, you can be guaranteed that we will go anywhere and everywhere and be ready for anything. We once even took a photo of a groom fist bumping a raccoon!


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